The First Chunk

The Ramonat Scholars submitted the “first chunk” of their essays last week exploring various histories of American Catholicism. In their most recent blog posts, the Scholars reflect on the challenges and rewards of the writing process and their goals for moving forward into next week’s peer review workshop.

The Scholars’ blog posts also discuss what they learned from a special presentation by Dr. LaDale Winling co-hosted by the Ramonat Seminar on March 13th. Winling’s ongoing Chicago Elections Project uses digital mapping tools to visualize a century of Chicago election results in the city’s geography. Following the presentation, some of the Scholars had the opportunity to discuss their projects with Winling over dinner and consider how digital resources could help their research moving forward.

Read their latest blog posts to learn more ———>


Clockwise left to right: Dr. Kyle Roberts, Kristin Morrison, Dr. LaDale Winling (Associate Professor of History, Virgina Tech), Alice Gordon, Sarah Eden, Dr. Elizabeth Shermer, Amy Al-Salaita, Kathleen Koehnke, Mark Neuhengen, and Allison Lapinski at dinner on March 13th. (Photo by Ruby Oram)


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